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Custom Video Content For Your Business at great rates that insure a great return on investment for your business!

As a business owner you already do enough and have little time to spare, so let us take your content to the next level, fast and economically! Complete with improved SEO, and Social Media optimization & MORE! 

This well thought out strategy is designed to flow smoothly and take little of your valuable time, and being stressless on yourself. We help to script out everything, highlighting the individual aspects of your business and dedicate each video to one of those topics, keeping the viewer’s attention focused with a call to action

Examples: 1) Services 2) Quality  3) Why you do what you do 4) Why choose you  5) Educational tips to the viewer  7) Location, 8) Products  9) Industry know how  10) Company culture 11) What sets your business apart 12) Future Holidays sales 13) Employees etc…

For instance if you happen to be a Real Estate Agent, your topics may be 1) Buyer 2) Seller 3) Legality 4) Cross town or relocating out of state  5) Why they should use you  6) Knowing the local market  7) Things to look for  8) Special programs  9) Attention to detail  10) Moving Tips, Schools  Family, Neighborhoods, Local attractions etc….

Use on your website and across all social media platforms from Google My Business, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, and more. Reaching farther and wider more economically than what many spend on unseen print advertising.

  1. Custom creation of engaging 10 15 video commercials for your business ranging from 15 to 45 seconds, All videos are optimized using correct SEO targeting your business.

  2. Customized & Optimized YouTube channel making it a place where viewers will not only see you videos but with also be to host your videos and for viewers to watch 247.

  3. What may take you months or years to think about doing we usually do in two weeks or less. Giving your business advertising the tools you want ASAP!

  4. Power of video in today’s phone, tablet and Ipad browsing world leans even more so to video and the use of business profile videos that speak directly to the viewer delivering the information you want them to see and hear. Connecting is converting to clients and customers!

  5. More is better! Shorter videos focused on specific topics keep the viewers attention speaking directly to the point have more impact!

  6. Suddenly you have 10 15 more engaging video commercials working for you 24 hours 7 days a week! More content equals more views into your business, more SEO, more leads to you!

  7. SEO, we take care of that too! Search Engine Optimization.This is what powers your videos and images on the internet, proper SEO and placement get your videos noticed.

  8. Time, when are you going to do it? Well now we are able to do it for you, fast and economically. 

  9. Stand out over your competition putting yourself far ahead in a big way!